Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids operate on power provided by batteries. Your hearing aids will use either rechargeable or disposable batteries. When the battery level is low, your hearing aids won’t operate properly. It’s important to install fresh disposable batteries regularly and recharge your rechargeable battery before it is completely drained. Cayman Hearing Center carries all common hearing aid battery sizes, and if you ever need help with your batteries, Cayman Hearing Center is here to assist you. 

Types of hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries may be disposable or rechargeable. Some hearing aids that use rechargeable batteries can operate on disposable batteries as a backup. Be sure to ask the audiologist about the batteries when you are selecting your hearing aids. At your hearing aid fitting appointment, the audiologist will teach you basic hearing aid maintenance, including how to change or recharge your batteries. 

Disposable hearing aid batteries

Zinc-air technology produces the charge in disposable hearing aid batteries. Oxygen in the air around us interacts with the zinc in the battery to create an electrical charge with enough power to operate hearing aids. To get the most life from your disposable batteries, do not expose them to air until you are placing them in the hearing aid. Keep the battery tab in place until it’s time to use. Then remove the tab and then wait two minutes to expose the battery to air.

Then simply place the battery in your hearing aid.  The battery life length is determined by the battery size, the hearing aid style, how long you wear your devices each day, and the number of features you use.  If your hearing aids have a cell phone app, you’ll receive a notification when the battery level is low. Some hearing aids emits a chirping noise to let you know it’s time to change batteries.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries use lithium-ion technology to generate the power to run your hearing aids. Lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for between 24-30 hours and will last up to five years with proper care. Simply dock your hearing aids in the charging station overnight and they will recharge while you sleep. Some hearing aids only need to be charged every few days. And, if you forget to charge your batteries, most models generate a six-to-eight hour charge in under an hour. Rechargeable batteries are the perfect solution for people with vision and dexterity challenges that make handling small items like hearing aid batteries difficult.

Hearing aid battery sizes

Buying disposable hearing aid batteries is easy. Each size is identified by a standardized size and color. These sizes and colors are consistent no matter who makes your hearing aids or who makes the hearing aid battery. Cayman Hearing Center carries every size and color of disposable hearing aid batteries. 

  • Yellow: The smallest battery goes in the smallest hearing aids, size 10 lasts three to seven days
  • Brown: Size 312 lasts three to 10 days the most commonly used battery in the United States
  • Orange: Size 13 lasts six to 10 days frequently the battery for behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles
  • Blue: Size 675 lasts three to 20 days the largest battery goes in the largest hearing aids