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Trust Cayman Hearing Center for all your hearing and balance needs. From hearing protection to balance disorders and hearing aid services, our audiologist and staff members provide professional and friendly services. We are the only full-service audiologist office in the Cayman Islands with a focus in holistic, patient centered care.

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

A complete diagnostic audiologic evaluation allows the audiologist to determine if you have hearing loss and if so, what type of hearing loss you have. This information is vital in creating your hearing loss treatment plan.

Evaluation For Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss, wearing hearing aids may improve your quality of life. The Cayman Hearing Center audiologist expertly matches your hearing needs to the latest technology, so your hearing aids fit your lifestyle and budget too.

Evaluations For Auditory Processing Disorder

Not all problems in understanding speech are caused by hearing loss. An evaluation for auditory processing disorder determines if difficulties with speech comprehension are caused by how the sounds are processed by the brain.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing And Fitting

Hearing aids arrive from the factory preprogrammed to your prescription. During the fitting process, the audiologist will fine-tune these programs until you hear sound comfortably and naturally.

Hearing Aid Repair

It’s good to know that if your hearing aids are damaged or fail to function properly, Cayman Hearing Center is here to help. Many repairs can be performed while you wait, and you can bring your hearing aids in for deep cleaning several times a year too.

Hearing Care For Infants And Children

The ability to hear impacts a child’s emotional and social health and is important to their education and development. Trust Cayman Hearing Center to treat hearing loss in children of all ages.

Industrial Hearing Screening

Exposure to noise on the job leads to hearing loss. Cayman Hearing Center can create a hearing conservation program for your business and perform regular hearing tests to protect your employees from hearing loss.

Live Speech Mapping

Cayman Hearing Center uses live speech mapping and the sound of a familiar voice to adjust your hearing aids. We invite you to bring a friend or family member in with you and we’ll use their voice to ensure your hearing aids deliver sound as you want to hear it.

Remote Hearing Care

Have a busy life? Sometimes making into the audiologist’s office isn’t easy. Cayman Hearing Center offers many hearing care services through telemedicine so you can be treated from the comfort of your home or office.

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Tinnitus Treatment Options

Don’t let the annoying whizzing, whirring, clicking, or chirping of tinnitus destroy your quality of life. Get relief from tinnitus with one of the treatment options available at Cayman Hearing Center.

VNG Balance Evaluations

Videonystagmography evaluates the health of the inner ear and motor function. These tests are used in determining the cause of dizziness or vertigo.

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