“I visited the Cayman Hearing Center to have testing and a second opinion on a persistent problem I had with my previous hearing aids.

My appointment was with Dr. Stephenson, and I was really pleased at how thoroughly and expertly my testing was handled. She explained every aspect of the test results to me so I could clearly understand the problem and how it could be corrected. We discussed different types of hearing aids available and chose one similar to what I was accustomed to wearing.

My new digital hearing aid was ready in just a few weeks. Dr. Stephenson fitted it, then sat across the desk from me whispering, and I could actually hear everything she said without having to lip read! It was amazing how the room came alive! She adjusted all the settings in the computer to my satisfaction and I was finished.

I’ve been amazed at how much I was missing with my other hearing aid. It’s so much nicer not to have to struggle to understand what people are saying to me. Even loud noises are filtered, and there are no whistles. Plus, the hearing aid adjusts itself accordingly to whatever environment I’m in.

I think everyone with a hearing problem should have a second opinion if they are not satisfied with what they can hear. It has made all the difference in my life.”


“I have been plagued for many years with hearing problems that have progressively worsened. The problem started when I was very close to a very loud explosion when I was in my early twenties. For the past ten years, I have found it difficult to communicate in a crowded room or even have a clue what the announcements are when traveling by plane.

So, as my hearing went downhill so did many of the pleasures in life. Having been classified as profoundly deaf and having tried many hearing aids I did not think there would be a solution. After coming to Cayman Hearing Center, I realized I was wrong.

Someone told a story two thousand years ago about a man who fell amongst thieves. I could tell a story about someone who fell into the hands of a hearing consultant who has changed my misfortune.

I went to see Dr. Annette Stephenson at the Cayman Hearing Center and she conducted more tests than I thought possible and with the most sophisticated equipment available. She went the extra mile, always smiling when I told her of the latest twist to the problem.

As it was impossible to supply me with new ears, she decided to supply me with new hearing aids. Having had an assortment of aids over the years, I did not believe there would be a significant improvement, but the ones she advised me to use have in fact given that.

I do not know if I will need to hear when I pass on and go up, but I am certain that one day she will follow me there.”

G. Walker

“I’m so grateful for the professional, helpful, quick and friendly service I received today at Cayman Hearing Center! They couldn’t have been more efficient or knowledgable about the trouble I was having with my hearing aid. They identified the problem right away and fixed it within five minutes. I’m here from the US visiting my parents, and because my dad is elderly and soft spoken, and I have low-tone hearing loss, I couldn’t hear him at all without a functioning hearing aid. Because of the expertise of the staff at Cayman Hearing Center, I’ll be able to have meaningful conversations with my dad. This means more to me than words can say! Thank you again!”

Lisa Holmes